Hinge Not So Frequently Asked Questions:
A campaign designed to highlight LBTQIA+ voices.

The NFAQ campaign aims to prioritize intimacy and honesty in dating by featuring authentic voices from the LGBTQIA+ community. The campaign uses white space, dynamic type layouts, and self-shot portraits to create copy-driven compositions that disrupt the typical online dating experience.

Our team brought together the Not-So Frequently Asked responses into a single Microsite resource where daters can find answers and get to know the NFAQrespondants with profiles and links to social. Most notably, the site engages new daters directly by providing an opportunity to ask their own questions.

Finally, we delivered a robust toolkit designed with the intention of the NFAQ platform continuing to grow and scale into the future with more questions and responses.

Client Hinge
Motion Direction & Execution Diego Holzman
Design Kevin Yoon, Zhenya Rynzhuk, Diego Holzman
Creative Direction Garrett Close
Agency Stink Studios